About Beta Pura

About BETA pura gmbh

Beta Pura GmbH is a Joint Venture of AGRANA and The Amalgamated Sugar Company.


Management Board

Management Board

Andreas Schröckenstein is the President of the Beta Pura board. Together with Josef Eisenschenk, Dave Meadows and Brian Roberson, he forms the company’s management board.

Joint Venture Partners



AGRANA is an internationally-oriented Austrian industrial company. The core business of AGRANA is to add value to agricultural commodities to create industrial products for downstream industries. AGRANA represents top product quality, optimal services as well as innovative ideas and expertise in terms of product development – products and services appreciated by our customers around the world, whether global or regional players.

What AGRANA brings into the Joint Venture:

  • Raw material availability
  • Location in the EU
  • Experience in chromatography and crystallization
  • Expertise in different sales areas


The roots of the Amalgamated Sugar Company date back to 1897.  TASCO is the second largest sugar beet processor in the US and has approximately 180,000 hectares of plantations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington in the cooperative, giving it 1 million tonnes of sugar. Since 1997, Snake River Sugar Company has 100% operational control of the Amalgamated Sugar Company and since 2018 100% ownership, making it the parent company of the Amalgamated Sugar Company. Snake River Sugar Company is a cooperative of more than 750 sugar beet growers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

What The Amalgamated Sugar Company brings into the Joint Venture:

  • Raw material availability
  • Technology and know-how
  • Experience from own plant



History of Beta Pura GmbH

History of Beta Pura GmbH

The first business interaction between AGRANA and The Amalgamted Sugar Company started already in the early 1990s.


AGRANA invested in a molasses de-sugarization based on ARI (Amalgamated Research Institute) technology - to generate more sugar out of sugar beet molasses.


AGRANA decided to change the technology of the molasses de-sugarization to generate next to sugar also liquid betaine from the molasses (sold exclusively to the technology provider)


AGRANA decided to switch back to the ARI technology, which offered at that time also the possibility to derive liquid betaine.


AGRANA has been producing liquid betaine with ARI technology since June 2015and is selling it worldwide under the brand ActiBeet®.


The Amalgamated Sugar Company and AGRANA decided to form a JV to build a Betaine Crystallization in Austria.


In 2019 the Joint-Venture Company Beta Pura GmbH was founded and the construction of the Betaine Crystallization plant in Tulln, Austria started.